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We have concluded our 2021 Youth Summer Camps.  Please refer back here for other camps throughout the school year and summer 2022.


Rosters and league/tournament selection will be based on evaluation results and evaluators' knowledge of participant's ability level. Waunakee High School's Head Coach and staff determine team assignments. 

The following has been established by the current WCSD coaching staff and is what is supported by the youth basketball program. Organization of teams or individuals beyond what is defined below will NOT be supported by the Waunakee Youth Girls Basketball Program, the board, or WCSD girls basketball staff members. This includes organized tournament teams and/ or other privately run leagues (YMCA, Keva, etc).

Waunakee Youth Girls Basketball facilitates youth team selections (grades 3-8) which will be conducted in late August or early September of each season. Girls from each grade level will be put through drills led by members of the HS coaching staff while coaches within each grade level help evaluate players. Data collected will determine each participant’s ability level and, ultimately, their team placements. The intent of this design is to facilitate an appropriate level of competition for ALL players at each grade level.



Girls Basketball Participants in 3rd-6th Grade
Players determined to be ready for 5 on 5 games & competition will be divided into teams with the intent to compete in the Badger Developmental League – Badger and Bucky Divisions. All team rosters will be determined and placed into the appropriate divisions at the fall evaluation date by coaches within each grade level and HS Head Coach/staff. The goal is to have every girl placed on a team that competes at the appropriate competition based on her developmental level. Please refer to BDL's website for League and Team Rules.

5th and 6th Grade TOURNAMENT Teams
Volunteer youth coaches who hope to participate in tournaments in addition to the five BDL dates will refer to established rosters determined at evaluations to comprise their tournament rosters. Tournament rosters will include a minimum of 10 participants. 5th grade team(s) will be determined by youth evaluations AND team practices. HS Head Coach reserves the right to review the roster as needed. Waunakee Youth Basketball supports a total of 12 dates of competition (five-six BDL weekends & a maximum of 6 tournaments) at the 5th & 6th-grade level. If coaches wish to take part in WI state tournament series, top 10  (or more) evaluated players will receive invitations.

7th and 8th Grade TEAMS and TOURNAMENT Teams
7th and 8th grade teams will be split according to ability. The top 10 (or more) evaluated players will comprise the “A” team within the Badger Developmental League.  “B” “C” and/or “D” teams will compete versus suitable competition in appropriate leagues. Tournament teams are selected according to evaluations conducted in early September.  HS Head Coach reserves the right to review the roster as needed. Participants whose families choose to open enroll will not be eligible for the top tournament teams in 7th and 8th grade.

We trust and encourage all Waunakee Youth Basketball coaches to find tournaments & events versus suitable competition on non-BDL dates (after League Season). The HS staff and/or Youth Director are willing and able to assist in locating and recommending tournaments.


Each team will participate in league play through Badger Developmental League (BDL), with three games generally taking place on one day - weekends (Saturday/Sunday), beginning in mid-November. Once rosters have been finalized, a determination will be made as to which option/s provide the best fit for each team. You can expect the following commitment regardless of which option/s are chosen:

  • 4th-8th grade: Five (5-6) regular season weekends and a season-ending tournament. (Teams will play in 3 games per day on 5-6 different dates / end of year tourney to comprise their 17-18 games.) All games on each date are all in the same community, beginning in mid-November.
  • 3rd grade: 12 game guarantee


Practice schedules vary for each team and are determined by gym availability and coaches' requests. You can expect to participate in (1) practice per week for 3rd grade and (2) practices per week for 4-8th grade beginning in mid-late October.

The goal is to facilitate an appropriate level of competition for ALL players at each grade level league play.


Middle School Basketball (Waunakee School District)
Waunakee Middle School basketball is not an entity within Waunakee Youth Girls Basketball. This is a program that is run by the Waunakee School District and is an option for 7th and 8th grade students/players. Waunakee Youth Girls Basketball and high school coaches encourage all kids to participate in Middle School ball. Middle School ball provides an opportunity to play the game of basketball 4-5 times per week. 

Sign up for Middle School ball will occur through Waunakee Middle School.  Waunakee Youth Girls Basketball Program does not handle registration or communication for Middle School basketball.

Waunahoops Recreational Program (Waunakee Village Center)
Questions on the Waunahoops Recreational Program can be directed to the Village Center at 850-5992 or email Jeff Skoug, Recreation Supervisor. Waunakee Youth Girls Basketball does not handle registration for Waunahoops.

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Questions about Waunakee Youth Girls' Basketball? Contact the Volunteer Youth Program Director:

Gwen Olson

Gwen Olson

Volunteer Youth Program Director